We DO accept “drop-ins”. If you choose to come to class as a “drop-in”, you MUST still sign up online prior to arriving to class! Spots are limited in classes and your spot will not be guaranteed without signing up prior to class! (NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email for your class, then your registration was not completed)


When you select to “Enroll” in a class or classes, you are signing up to continue and COMMIT to the class through the semester/session regularly every week on the scheduled date of the class. This choice allows a cheaper option as opposed to our “drop-in” rate, for those that are wanting to regularly attend class. If you enroll at the beginning of a new semester/session, you will be charged for the first month upon your registration, but if you are signing up once a session has already begun, you will be charged a pro-rated amount for the remainder of classes within the month you are registering. After your initial registration, you will then be charged on the 1st of every month, until the end of the semester. Your auto-pay will end when the session that you are signed up for ends. Your auto-pay does NOT roll over in to another session/semester, you would only be charged again if you chose to sign up.

If you want to cancel your monthly enrollment at any time, you MUST cancel at least 7 days prior to the first of the month to avoid the following months auto-pay charges. If you need to cancel for any reason after the 1st of the month, you will be refunded half of the remaining tuition in the month.


You MUST be enrolled in your class/classes in order to participate in our shows. Our studio will have a Show Performance every December for our Fall Session, and every June for our Spring Session. (There are no performances for our Summer Sessions) If you are enrolled in classes you are not required to perform in our shows, but please make sure to email us asap if you are unable to perform so our teachers can adjust accordingly.


We work hard to create a positive, fun, and creative environment for all of our students because we always want dance to be an enjoyable experience. We also want our students to not only become the best dancer they can be, but also the best human they can be, in which we work on instilling discipline and structure within all of our classes.

Students should arrive to class on time and properly prepared with their hair, dance attire, and shoes required. Punctuality is important to ensure the class is not disrupted and students are partaking in the full structure of the class. Good attendance is also very important throughout our sessions because it not only helps instill the importance of commitment to our students, but it ensures they are progressing properly with the technique in all classes and properly prepared for our shows as an individual and for the class as a whole. Students should always display kind and respectful behavior to their fellow classmates and teachers.

We recommend arriving to class at least 5-10 min early to give ample time to get checked-in and settled in to your class. Please bring a water bottle with you to class and proper shoes/attire. If you are unsure of the attire for each class, you can check the details under our class descriptions. You may bring a small dance bag if needed, but please try to keep items to a minimum.

We have a “late pick-up” policy that entails a $15 charge for every 15 minutes you are late to pick-up your child, in order to compensate the staff that has to wait.

There are no refunds or “make-ups” for missed days/classes if you are enrolled in classes. Enrollment already provides a discounted rate and you are committing to a space in that class. Majority of our classes tend to fill up and with limited capacity in each classes, we can not issue refunds. “Make-up” classes can not be provided due to the capacity in classes and the specific progression taught throughout each class. If you are signed up for a “drop-in” class and are unable to make it, you will receive a credit to use for another class at a later date only within the session you originally registered in, as long as we are notified at least two hours prior to the class start time you are signed up for.


We kindly ask that all phones be silenced and put away at the beginning of class to avoid any distractions. Please do NOT take any photos or videos DURING class (unless approved by teacher), out of respect for the other students and teacher. Any photos or videos can be taken at the end of class once the teacher announces to do so.

Please do not wear your dance shoes outside of the studio. ALL dance shoes should be brought inside the studio and then put on. We understand that it’s impossible to avoid all dirt, but we want to be mindful of the dirt we are bringing in to the studio to help us keep the space as clean and sanitary for you as possible! Mahalo!

1.) Click the link below to create your account (if you have not already).

2.) Once you have created your account, you will go to the home screen and click the button at the bottom of the home page that says “Register for Classes”

3.) You will then see the page with our lists of classes. Click the box next to your class or classes of choice (note: if you have multiple children under your account, make sure you are selecting the classes under each of their names). Once you click the box for the class, you will see two options below the class, either “Enroll” or “Pick Dates for Drop-In”. Enroll is for those that want to sign up for the class regularly which entails a monthly auto-charge payment. If you are wanting to “drop-in”, it will give you the option to choose your specific date.

4.) After selecting your classes, you will then click “submit” which will either be underneath the class or at the bottom of the page.

5.) The page will then be refreshed and bring you to the top of the page with a prompt that either says “Click here to set up auto-pay” if you are enrolling in a class OR it will say “Finish Registration” if you are doing a drop-in”.

6.) You will then follow the rest of the prompts for applying your credit card and signing the waivers.




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