Our Dance Company is for students who are committed to their growth in dance and wanting to improve technically, while being provided with a wider range of opportunities and experiences! Our Dance Company will be opened to ages 7 years old to 18 years old from beginning to advance levels. Being a part of our Company is a year long commitment that begins with our Summer Session and goes to the end of our Spring Session (June to June each year). We will still have all of our regular classes (with advanced level classes now added!) for any student to take, but our Company students will have their own private weekly company class, (along with their other required weekly classes) that will provide them with more personal dance training to improve their overall technique while creating more opportunities for them and building life long friendships and bonds with their fellow company classmates.

For those of you that don’t want to participate in our Company, don’t worry, nothing will change for you! All students will still be able to take any of our classes. participate in shows, and attend the Jump Dance Convention (for the classes only), per usual!

  • Passion for Dance
  • Technical Dance Experience/Abilities
  • Positive and Supportive Attitude
  • Good Behavior
  • Kindness and Respect to fellow Teachers & Classmates
  • Works well in groups
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Dedication and Commitment
  • Ability to retain choreography
  • Performance Abilities/Skills
  • Unlimited Class options through each session (at a discounted rate)!
  • More personalized dance training and strengthening!
  • Special gifts!
  • More performance opportunities in our shows and the community!
  • Participating in Competition Dances at the Jump Dance Convention in Oahu!
  • Quarterly Company parties/outings (provided by the studio as a treat to our company students)!
  • Zero parental obligations! (Parents, we know you work hard and have busy lives, so there are no expectations for you to volunteer your services to us. We want you to sit back and relax as you get to watch your children grow through their passion of dance!)
  • DANCE EXPERIENCE & AGES: While our Dance Company is a program that provides our students with attentive professional training to increase their growth through dance, students are required to enter the Dance Company with some prior dance training and foundation/knowledge of basic dance steps and positions. Students MUST be 7 years old by May 17th in order to attend auditions and participate in Company.
  • ATTENDANCE/COMMITMENT: Our Dance Company requires a commitment for a full year, starting in the Summer Session (June) and ending after the Spring Session (June). Being a member of a dance company is a privilege and comes with responsibility. Personal accountability is essential for a successful season, and commitment to your other company members and yourself is a vital component of this success. When a member of the company is not present, it can negatively impact your entire team.┬áRegular attendance in all classes is expected of Company Members, excess absences from ANY one dance class may be cause for dismissal from the Company.
  • REQUIRED WEEKLY CLASSES for the Summer Session: (One Company Class on Mondays and one other class of their choice) Please Note: We understand that some families have already begun summer travel/activities plans, so for this first Summer Session as we launch our Dance Company, we will do our best to accommodate students with our Summer Session requirements on a case by case basis, which MAY require an additional fee for students who can not fully commitment to their Summer Session requirements.
  • REQUIRED WEEKLY CLASSES for the Fall Session: (One Company Class on Fridays, plus Ballet Class, Lyrical Class, and Hip Hop Class).
  • REQUIRED WEEKLY CLASSES for the Spring Session: (One Company Class on Fridays, plus Ballet Class, Lyrical Class, and Hip Hop Class).
  • ALL Company members will be able to take ANY additional classes on top of their 4 required weekly classes at a flat discounted rate!
  • PERFORMANCES: ALL Company members are required to participate in our two productions each season, which take place in December and June of each company season. There are occasions when our company teams are asked to perform at local events. We will make sure to provide ample notice of dates for these events as well as notification of any additional rehearsals. These events are always a fun, educational, and team building experience.
  • COURTESY & RESPECT: All Company members will be held to the highest standards of conduct. Communicating negatively about anyone in or outside of the studio will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Company Members are expected to show courtesy and respect to all instructors and other students. Any student who exhibits repeated negative or disrespectful behavior will be asked to leave the company. Company members should always be respectful, supportive, encouraging, and exhibit a positive attitude and behavior.
  • JUMP DANCE CONVENTION IN OAHU: Each Company member will be required to attend the Jump Dance Convention in Oahu each season, which takes place in May of each year. Beginning Company Level will only be attending for the dance class portion of the convention (we want our youngest company members to gain proper convention experience before competing). Intermediate Company Level will be attending the dance classes as well as entering two dances (Lyrical and Hip Hop) into the competition portion of the event. Advanced Company Level will be attending the dance classes as well as entering two dances (Lyrical and Hip Hop) into the competition portion of the event. (Solos and Duets are allowed upon approval from the Director)


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